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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services

Our garage door repair company also provides excellent gate installation, repair and maintenance services with accuracy

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Our company would help extend the life of your garage door and keep it working perfectly with our maintenance service.

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Clopay Doors

Clopay Doors

We are a well-respected contractor for all types of Clopay Doors.

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If you want to see what other people ask about garage doors and also find answers to your own questions, take a look at this FAQ page. We offer simply written answers to a variety of questions and hope your needs are covered. Our answers have great content yet still kept short.

Here we reply to the basic questions

Do you have trouble with your garage door and seek answers?

Which garage doors are appropriate for hurricanes?

There are no specific garage doors made solely for hurricane prone regions but not all doors are appropriate. You wouldn't want aluminum overhead doors or other lightweight ones because they will blow off fast. You need heavy panels with extra supports but you must make sure they have vertical and horizontal braces, which are important for the stability of the door when hurricanes approach. You can also install safety cables to keep garage door springs steady.

How safe are glass doors?

Safety glass with which they are made nowadays ensures absolute protection in case of an accident. This processed glass will stay put and will not scatter and, thus, nobody can get hurt. Glass garage doors can also provide security if they have good aluminum frames and retainers and protect your privacy with milk glass panels. In fact, there are various shades to choose from in order to keep your private world well hidden.

How much time does opener installation take?

The Garage Door Experts say that garage door opener installation can take a few hours. You can speed up the process by getting a hold of the right brackets before starting, though it only works if you are replacing your opener with a similar model. In any case, it would be probably better to have it done professionally.

Are dirty garage door opener sensors dangerous?

Dirt can cause the sensors to malfunction and this will pose a safety risk. That is why the technicians of our garage door repair company recommend regular cleaning. You should remove dust and dirty from the photo eyes using a soft cloth. Clean the rest of the sensors thoroughly as well.

Why do springs need adjustment?

Garage door springs are responsible for the balance of the door and its movement. When the door is not balanced, our experts will adjust springs. Tension will need to be added or released till the door can remain open without falling down or be lifted up.

How long does weather stripping last for?

This depends on its quality and on the weather conditions. You can tell when it is time for its replacement by running a test during the day. You have to be inside the garage when the door is fully closed and turn off the light. If you see light passing through the sides of the door, replacement is needed.

What's the average lifespan of components?

Each component of your garage door has different lifespan expectancy. Most steel parts will last for decades unless they are damaged for any other reason in between or they erode due to high moisture. If you want them to last more, invest in galvanized ones. Garage door springs usually last for about seven years!

What do I do when the clicker doesn't work?

See if it works by standing right across the opener. If it does, there's something wrong with the antenna. Replace the batteries and make sure that the clicker is not broken. To ensure it's the clicker's fault, see if the door opens from the wall button. If it does, call our technicians for repairs.

Why do we replace hinges along with rollers?

It's smart to have hinges replaced along with garage door rollers. Since both parts wear in about the same period of time and are connected, it's easier to deal with the replacement of both parts in one time than coming back to replace the hinges two months later. Customers just have to remove both parts instead of one and have the new ones installed.

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